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EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) is Europe’s longest running decentralised architectural education system. Re-forming annually for over 40 years, it gives different countries in Europe the opportunity to host international events at the cutting edge of architectural discourse.

In 2023, the annual gathering will be held in the Sheffield city region, under the theme of Commons. EASA Commons will be jointly hosted by the EASA England and EASA Ireland teams and will explore the social, material and theoretical implications of commonly-held resources and space.

By placing ourselves in the city of Sheffield, we will explore the potential of forming contemporary forms of commons in the context of a northern English city currently facing urban regeneration.

Workshops and live projects will be held both online and in person throughout 2022 and 2023, culminating in the main two-week long event in Sheffield, England.

A Platform For Experimentation

EASA promotes the discovery of territories and cultures by organising workshops in which participants acquire new knowledge and skills through the practice of creative, intellectual and practical activities. Through the workshops the participants engage with the local context whilst tackling the assembly’s defined theme.

During the summer assembly the participants can choose to take part in one of 30 workshops for the two weeks that will explore commons. The workshop methods may comprise a diverse array of activities including construction projects, public artworks, discussions, publications, performances, sculpture and installations etc.

We can think of EASA as a group research project: all of the projects, activities and discussions that take place during the event build up a shared understanding on the theme we have set out to explore.

With the global lean towards decentralisation at every level (initiated by the digital transition) EASA, being decentralised for 40 years is assuming an increasingly important role. Evolving hubs internationally, and providing a framework for a genuinely alternative to the current education system and forging new roles for the architectural practitioner.

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