EASA Commons: Reality Lab
The Reality Lab is a creative residency that offers workspace in Sheffield and London. It is open for prospective tutors and previous participants of EASA.

A space for developing proposals
The aim is to provide a space to help people in the EASA community become more rooted within the local context and to develop proposals for EASA over a longer arc of time. We hope this will enable a greater spirit and rigor in the proposals for EASA Commons.

Holding longer workshops
‘A workshop can take a day, a month, a year or even more’ -Luka Smisek

The workspace will also provide the framework for workshops that take longer to deliver than the main two week event. For example, one built workshop might span over two months and require a significant creative effort. Another might even take a year and become part of a person's formal academic studies.

Developing common infrastructure
Similar long-term hubs are being established in countries like Bulgaria and Serbia. We aim to contribute to the development of this common infrastructure, becoming another hub within the network and helping people to access opportunities across EASA.

For people in-between realities
There are dramatic changes in the economy, and the socio-economic realities between countries are shifting. We are opening up the commons reality lab to be a common space for architects in-between these worlds. We hope that the space provided can incubate not just projects, but new architectural startups that take the opportunities implicit in the economic shift to develop architectural enterprises for the future. Thus, we also aim for the platform to support those migrating away from local hardship, to work together with like-minded people on their creative pursuits and ambitions.

Where is it?
Our partners have kindly agreed to support us with our reality labs. There are 2 desk spaces available in London (Shoreditch) and 2+ desk spaces in Sheffield (City Centre).

Supported by our partners:
-The House of Anetta, a project led by Assemble studio.
- Bloc Projects, an arts institution in Sheffield.

Participants are invited to use the labs in advance of the EASA Commons main event. Alongside desk spaces we are also running commoning workshops, which are events and workshops that provide a more structured and concentrated period.

You can apply to express interest by emailing us. Including the dates you want to come and do some research or activities, and the scope of your interests.

Buddy system
Although the common reality desks are more of a platform for autonomous work and research. We aim to be supportive, connect our residents with a local level ‘buddy’ who is a local easian that can answer any queries, or join you for drinks in the evenings. Our buddies will be working or studying and may not always be present, but they will try their best to help where they can.

How much will it cost?
We aim to make it as accessible as possible, but depending on length of stay and costs we may ask for some contributions for accommodation. We also promote any easian to support the EASA commons programme with our Patreon/fundraising platform, this will help us deliver the main event.